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Make a Conscious Christmas Pledge!

So, we’ve all heard the horror stories about plastic in our oceans and rising sea temperatures haven’t we? We’ve watched in disbelief at the extreme weather conditions hitting our coastlines? And we’ve shed a few tears for the endangered animals losing their natural habitats to make our cosmetic products?

It’s terrifying to see what we have done to our planet in such a relatively short space of time.  But in our defence, a lot of our consumer choices in the past may have been through ignorance of the impact we were having. Perhaps we didn’t know that plastic was doing so much damage? Or that young children were slaving away in hellish working environments to make our latest set of ornaments?  Well … now we’ve run out of excuses. And we are quickly running out of time to make a difference!

At QBamboo, we believe that Christmas is a time of both reflection and celebration. Whilst we love to exchange gifts, party ’til our feet hurt and eat our body weight in chocolate (just us?), we think that it is a perfect time to make an extra special effort to change!

Here in the office we have agreed to make a pledge (no matter how small) to do something different this Christmas.  Take a look at our ideas for a ‘Conscious Christmas’!


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