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When You Can’t Be Perfect … Just Be Good!

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Sometimes social media is full of perfect looking people, with perfect looking lives! Those iconic parents who manage to hold down a high-powered executive job and still produce 3 perfectly turned out kids on time to school everyday … yet somehow never miss a yoga class or an opportunity to post a picture of their healthy vegan, zero waste lunch on instagram. Yes … we’ve all seen them. And we’ve felt like we’re just not doing a good enough job in comparison!

Well the great news is that I am currently sitting in my ‘imperfectly ironed’ charity shop t-shirt, with a smelly dog lying at my feet and drinking cold coffee out of a chipped mug (it is fair-trade though so I do get some brownie points for that). That’s right, my life is never going to win any prizes on instagram! So feel free to read this blog whilst lounging around in your favourite pyjamas, with a kitchen full of dirty dishes and a hairstyle to rival an 80’s punk rock band.  You are in good company here!

So let’s get to the point – I’ve spent the morning flicking through social media looking for inspiration for my next blog.  I love our world and I want to do everything that I can to protect it.  But every time I see something about saving the planet I just feel inadequate.  I feel like anything I am capable of doing to help … is just no help at all. Then I happened upon a quote about the use of plastic:

“It’s only one plastic straw,” said 7 billion people.

The statistics about the damage that our use of plastic is having on the planet is just overwhelming.  But I see the truth in the quote. It is only 1 straw. How can a tiny little change in my household shopping help to save the oceans from drowning in plastic? Well I can’t change the habits of 7 billion other people, but if I can’t change what happens in the privacy of my own kitchen then serious questions need to be asked!  What if my tiny contribution could in fact change the world?  What if my family made the change too?  What if they posted a picture of their new reusable straw on social media and 5 of their friends did the same? Get the idea?

Anytime a new idea is introduced into a group of people, even if we think that the idea is good, we are reluctant to change unless we see others doing the same. The more we see of it, the more we hear of it …  then wham! We have a critical mass! 

So no, I am not going to save the world by swapping my plastic straw for a stainless steel or glass alternative.  But I might just get 5 other people to do the same.  Then they might get 5 people to do the same.  Then they might get 5 of their friends to do the same too. And that is what they call momentum.  

Now … how do I find a way of sharing a picture of my new straw without also revealing the yogurt stain on my t-shirt?  

“It’s only one reusable plastic straw,” said 7 billion people.



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