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What Does Organic Really Mean?

Whether it is food, beauty products or textiles, the word ‘Organic’ is often spread around like an eco-friendly badge of honour.  But what does it really mean when you buy something bearing the organic label? Well the word basically means ‘working with nature’. In other words organic farms work hard to use fewer nasty chemicals, preservatives and additives in their production methods.  Strict European regulations are in place to govern how organic farms must operate.  This is supported by rigorous inspection and certification requirements. So that organic certification really is worth the paper its written on. Learn more below:

Fewer pesticides - organic products

Traditional farming methods use over 300 pesticides to put food on our plate. These are then part of our meals and the products we use in everyday life. Nasty things those pesticides. Organic products on the other hand only use plant-based fertiliser and treatments. So ... no nasty chemicals making their way to your dinner table!

Did you know that there is up to 50% more wildlife found on organic farms? Good things ... breed more good things! Organic farms are often a haven for beautiful butterflies, birds and bees. All helping to keep our eco-system ticking over nicely!

What does organic really mean? Fewer preservatives

Artificial preservatives and colourings are routinely added to products made in a non-organic setting. Thankfully the European standards require organic production methods to eliminate the use of hydrogenated fats and controversial artificial colourings. Keeping our food and household items free from hidden nasty chemicals.

What does organic mean? Planet friendly

Agriculture plays a big part in climate change and is reportedly responsible for 1/3 of greenhouse emissions worldwide. Organic farming methods do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions than other methods. This is because healthy soils contain 5x as much carbon as forests. Imagine if we all went organic?

“If all UK farming was converted to organic, at least 1.3 million tonnes of carbon would be taken up by the soil each year – the equivalent of taking nearly 1 million cars off the road!”

Quoted by the Soil Association. Find out more at


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