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Welcome to Fairtrade Fortnight!

For two weeks each year we come together with partners from around the world to celebrate Fairtrade and all the amazing benefits it brings to communities.  Events are held around the Fairtrade community to highlight the work of people who grow our food and raw materials.  These people are some of the poorest and often exploited workers in developing countries.

This year the celebrations span from the 25th February to 10th March.  The 2019 Fairtrade Fortnight focuses on the people (particularly women) who grow the cocoa to make our beloved chocolate. Promoting the work that they do, campaigning for better conditions and improving the sustainability of their livelihoods and production methods.

Living Pay Campaign: ‘She Deserves £1.86’ – This is the amount that a cocoa worker in Africa needs to earn each day to achieve an acceptable standard of living.  Typically in areas such as the Ivory Coast, a cocoa farmer will be paid around 74p a day – meaning that the majority of farmers live below the poverty line.  Often the situation is worse for female farmers as they have fewer rights than male farmers.  The Fairtrade Organisation is actively campaigning to pay all workers an acceptable level of ‘living income’.

Fairtrade Fortnight

How Can You Get Involved?

1. Sign the Petition – this petition calls on the UK government to ensure that poverty reduction is a priority in all of our trade deals with developing communities. The petition opens on the 25th February 2019. Sign up today.

2. Choose Fairtrade Chocolate – Do your research about Fairtrade products and buy chocolate and coffee from organisations that have actively signed up to Fairtrade principles.  Look out for the Fairtrade Foundation logo.  

3. Promote the Fairtrade message – share the message with your friends, tell them how great fairtrade chocolate is and help to spread the message far and wide.


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