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Top 5 Weird Eco-Inventions

Top 5 Wierd Eco-Inventions

So progress is great right? The world is going crazy for new and exciting inventions that make our lives easier, whilst limiting the negative impact on the planet.  But that fine line between eco-genius and eco-crazy sometimes becomes a little blurry!  If you haven’t managed to keep up with the latest eco-trends, here’s our top 5 list of the ‘most interesting’ green developments!  P.S. We don’t actually stock any of these products (yet) so you’ll have to let us know if you think we’ve made a mistake there!

1. Cigarette Butt Clothes

We know that smoking isn’t healthy – but to be honest a lot of our daily habits are pretty destructive.  Finding ways to minimise the damage of those habits that society just can’t kick has become an industry in itself!

It is true that discarded cigarette butts are a huge eco-problem, not to mention an unsightly vision in our environment.  So finding a way to repurpose them may not be such a bad idea.  

Here’s where the Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero comes in! She found that when treated properly those used cigarette ends could actually come in quite useful to make a unique new hat!

Okay so the cigarette butts are purified to make them safe to use in fabrics, but we’re still not sure how we feel about wearing used butts on our body!!


2. Eco-friendly Moss Carpet

Eco-friendly carpets have sprouted up from all kinds of materials – sisal, coir, jute, recycled bottles … even discarded fishing nets! But our favourite will always be the ‘moss carpet‘!

They do say that walking on grass can help your blood circulation do here’s a way to bring it into your household!  

Designed by Nguyen La Chanh, the moss carpet is made from a type of foam that holds the moss.  then the humidity of your bathroom does the rest of the work!  Whilst its a bit of a statement piece … we’re really not sold on the practicalities of it I’m afraid! 

3. Football Generator

The ‘Soccket’ football is eco-energy generation on a whole new level!  Fancy being able to send the kids out for a ‘knock around’ and reducing your electricity bills at the same time?

Okay – so the bicycle generator to make a smoothie idea didn’t catch on once we realised just how much cycling we would need to do to turn the light on.  But apparently the Soccket can power an LED lamp for 3 hours from just 30 minutes of play (which is no time at all when someone else is doing the hard work)!

The ball was being piloted in resource poor areas to help with improving access to lower cost energy sources.  But things have gone a bit quiet over recent months … perhaps someone kicked it over next door’s fence.

4. Shocking Power-Savers

Sometimes we switch the light on without really considering whether we really need it.  So here’s a pretty radical way of making yourself think twice before flipping the switch!

‘Switch Me’ was made by a French designer in a humorous attempt to change those wasteful habits! We’re told that it’s ‘threatening’ appearance is all it takes to stop the automatic pilot.  Maybe ‘putting the big light on’ will become more of a punishment than a helpful family task with this painful switch!

But don’t worry, we think its more of a metaphorical statement than an actual pain inducing instrument!  We hope so anyway!

Image Credit: (DesignBoom)

5. Killer Shower Curtain

And whilst we’re on the subject of painful measures to change our consumption habits … how about this eco-themed shower curtain? 

Designed by Elizabeth Buecher, the shower curtain slowly fills up as you shower.  Both sides inflate as the water level rises to prod you with its spiky plastic horns! That’s one painful way to tell you that you’ve used your quota of water for the day!

A great idea to raise awareness of our water consumption, but it looks like something that has more of a place in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ than in our family bathroom!



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