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Plastic-Free July! Take the Challenge!

Plastic Free July Challenge!

Plastic Free July is an international movement that helps people all around the world to reduce their plastic pollution!  Why? So that we can have cleaner streets, cleaner oceans, cleaner air and an all-round healthier planet.

Who is it for?

With over 120 million participants across more than 150 countries, Plastic Free July is one of the biggest and most influential movements in our drive for a better planet! And best of all … it’s so easy to take part.  With countless ways to reduce your use of plastic, you can treat July as a bit of practice before making sustainable changes for a lifetime! If you’re looking for some tips on how to reduce your use of plastic, have a look at our resources below! No matter how great or small, every little helps! Let’s get inspired!

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What Can You Do For Plastic Free July?

Here’s are some ideas of some small changes you can make at home to switch plastic for more eco-friendly alternatives!


Spread the word in school or the office with a few easy steps.  Raise awareness and get others engaged!



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