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A plastic-free Coffee Break with a Bamboo Coffee Cup

Bamboo coffee cups are a wonderful replacement for those to-go cups that you get each time you order coffee at your favourite coffee shop.  Our bamboo coffee cups are made from, that’s right, bamboo!  They are strong and durable and dishwasher safe.  However, they are not microwave safe.  Bamboo coffee cups, unlike your normal to-go cups, are eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials.  Each year billions of disposable coffee cups end up in our landfills. These cups are often made of foam or plastic of some kind and do not break down for hundreds of years.  Because of this, our landfills are well, filling up.  If we all do our part in small ways, such as replacing our throwaways with other products we will quickly see a big difference.  This is not a complicated step, in fact, we think it is pretty easy.

Finding the right coffee cup to replace your throwaways has never been easier.  We offer unique bamboo coffee cups that are versatile, sustainable, and eco-friendly.  Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. We can regrow it quickly and make more without an issue.  Unlike plastic that is not sustainable and we are not creating more oil, which plastic is derived from.  Plastics are a real issue in the world today.  They are filling up our landfills, oceans and creating problems with the environment in all kinds of ways.  Plastics are found in just about everything we use.  From plastic cups to plastic straws and bags.  In this day and age, you are surrounded by plastic.  Just look around where you are reading this, even your device that you are reading it on is most likely made from plastic.

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Bamboo Coffee Cups Reduce Plastic Waste

With all this plastic waste, we wanted to come up with something that would help the environment.  Our bamboo coffee mugs are the perfect solution.  We have bamboo coffee mugs in many styles, designs, and colours to choose from.  Take a look around at our amazing selection of bamboo coffee mugs and we are certain you’ll find something that you just love. 

All of our bamboo coffee mugs are durable and last a long time.  However, if you decided you don’t want it anymore, simply crush it up and put it in your compost pile.  It takes about a year to break down and a couple of years for those that find the landfill.  Composting plastics takes 100s of years, if ever.  Plastics are not eco-friendly (see eco-friendly products), yet we use this material in all kinds of products.  Finding products that we can use bamboo in its place is better for the environment.

Do your part and stop using disposable coffee cups.  These amazing bamboo coffee mugs are the perfect replacement.  Not only do we offer bamboo coffee mugs but we also offer bamboo straws, bowls, and other items as well.  Bamboo fibre is amazing for clothing.  It is soft and durable.  Yes, bamboo is really a versatile material that can be used for so many things.  Take a look around and we are certain you’ll love what you see.