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Upgrade your Lunch with a Bamboo Lunch Box

If you carry your lunch to school or work, you know the value of having a great lunch box.  Lunch boxes have been around for generations.  However, they are typically made of non-eco friendly materials that will last in our landfills far after we are gone.  Bamboo lunch boxes are different though, they are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials.  That’s right, when you are done with them you can crush them up and put them in your compost pile.  However, they are also long-lasting and durable.  While they are made from bamboo so they are also antibacterial which makes it a great option for lunch boxes.  However, this property also makes our bamboo products great for the entire kitchen.

Bamboo lunch boxes are made of well, bamboo.  This substance is quickly grown and replaced easily.  Bamboo is, in fact, one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.  Which makes it perfect for making all kinds of things out of.  Being so sustainable, bamboo is a great option for many products, including bamboo lunch boxes.  The material can be broken down into fibres and made into clothing items as well.  While the bamboo is broken down into fibres, it still maintains those antibacterial properties.   Pretty cool, huh? To top it off we offer free UK delivery.

Are you a coffee lover? Then, why not compliment your lunch box with a bamboo resuable coffee cup?

Bamboo is Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Bamboo is an eco-friendly product and sustainable, so why wouldn’t we use it in all kinds of different products?  It is a material that most people don’t think about but it is far better than plastic.  Plastic is filling our waterways and getting animals sick.  It does not break down in landfills and becomes a problem in the environment.  Sure, you can be responsible and recycle your plastic, however, most people don’t take the time to do this.  We find plastic in everything from our toothbrushes (we have Bamboo Toothbrushes) to the plastic silverware you get at restaurants.  Plastic bags and straws are a problem as well.  These are items that we can replace with bamboo products that would cut the use of plastics down by a lot.  Straws, for example, can be made from bamboo and reused.  

Bamboo is Durable

Bamboo is a very durable material.  However, you do need to ensure that you care for it properly.  It will mold if exposed to a lot of moisture in the air.  Be sure that after you wash your bamboo lunch box and other accessories that you thoroughly dry them.  This will help keep the mold at bay.  Although bamboo lunch boxes do last a long time, it is important that when their lifespan is over that you crush them up so that they break down in your compost pile. If you don’t have a compost pile on your own, there are many services that will pick up leftover waste and materials for compositing.  This is just another step that you can take to do your part and try to leave less of a footprint on the planet.  

If you are looking to get into the movement of having less of an impact on the environment, then compost services and bamboo products are the perfect combinations.  These are simple to use and are a great step in the right direction.