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Bamboo Products for You and Your Home

Bamboo products are somewhat new to the world market. They have always been used in some parts of the world, but as the world economy expands more and more people are seeing the benefit of eco friendly bamboo. These products are made from the bamboo tree. However, most people don’t know that the bamboo tree is a very sustainable source for products. It grows quickly. It is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. Which makes bamboo products very eco friendly. For this reason, we offer a wide selection of products made from bamboo that replace many of our everyday products that are made from plastic – we’re even selling biodegradable face masks that contain bamboo.

Plastic is carbon-based. This means that it is made from oil. Oil is not a sustainable product and can be very expensive at times. Plastic is not good for the environment, yet we find it in just about everything we touch. It is all around us and we certainly can’t completely avoid it. However, taking steps to reduce the use of plastic is helpful for the environment.

Plastic waste is taking over

Have you seen the videos and footage of all the plastic that is found in our oceans? Plastic waste is consuming our planet and getting good control over it is critical. Our bamboo products do just that. They are an affordable solution for replacing everyday products. That is the key to replacing plastics effectively with eco friendly solutions. You need to have them affordable. Plastic toothbrushes are cheap and last for the three months that are recommended by the dentist. The key here is that they don’t have to even last that long. However, the plastic toothbrush will take 400 years to decompose. That is a long time. However, our bamboo products can be put into your garden compose and take only a few months to a couple of years to fully break down. That’s eco friendly. And, they aren’t so overpriced that you can’t justify buying them.

Aside from our bamboo toothbrushes, we have a variety of bamboo products that are made from this amazing sustainable material. They are becoming more and more popular as people learn more about them. They are a great alternative to plastics as well as other fabrics too. Take a look at our bamboo socks. Not only are bamboo socks made from eco-friendly materials they also have some pretty great qualities as well. They are four times more absorbent than you would find in cotton. Another fine quality about them is that they protect the foot from blisters. Have you ever had a pair of shoes that rub and just won’t stop? A blister will form and it will hurt for days. Not with bamboo socks. The eco friendly bamboo is ultra-soft and protects your feet.

More great bamboo products

We didn’t just stop at bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo socks we have more bamboo products for you to love. Take a look at our lunch box options. Our lunch boxes are the perfect addition to your home. We probably should have mentioned that bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria, which makes them perfect for the kitchen and well, for use as socks and toothbrushes too. Bamboo is highly sustainable and it also produces 35% more oxygen than most other trees like it. That’s right when you carry your bamboo lunch box to work, you are not only saving trees from paper production or saving the planet from plastic waste, you are also helping produce oxygen. Now, if that doesn’t make you feel great, we don’t know what will. Bamboo lunch boxes are very affordable and stylish as well.

Bamboo Coffee cups are a great alternative to other materials. They will last for many months in use but will break down in about a year in the landfill. This is a far cry from the 50 years a normal takeaway coffee cup takes to break down. However, some take away coffee cups are plastic lined and won’t break down for 100s of years. Be a responsible coffee drinker and bring your own cup to have it refilled when you are looking to grab your next cup of joe. Another great aspect of our bamboo cups is that they are dishwasher safe. However, they are not microwavable so keep that in mind.

Sustainable plastic free alternative – Bamboo

If you can’t tell by now, we love bamboo products. They are very sustainable alternatives that also break down when it is time. Many of the products are more superior to the originals. Who wouldn’t love them? Not only are bamboo products wonderful but the bamboo plants put more oxygen in the air. Products made from Bamboo act as great disposable options too.

Bamboo products come in many various shapes and bamboo beakers and other bamboo kitchen items are wonderful. They are naturally antibacterial making them a great addition to any kitchen. We offer bamboo beakers in a variety of designs and sizes to choose from. Bamboo beakers like all of our other bamboo products are made from sustainable materials that will break down in a landfill but can also last for years in your kitchen. This material is amazing and the bamboo products that come from it will surprise you.

Have you heard all the fuss about plastic straws? Plastic straws are killing our oceans and the creatures that live in it. They are horrible for the environment but are yet so convenient. As with many plastic products, bamboo products are taking over. Bamboo drinking straws are a great alternative and they are all-natural. They will break down in the matter of a couple of years, unlike plastic that takes 100s of years. Bamboo straws are organic, making them a better solution than glass or metal as plastic alternatives. You do have to take good care of them and wash them or they can mould if not washed and dried properly.

When you think of bamboo you might think of wood flooring or maybe window blinds. However, there are a vast plethora of bamboo products out on the market today. We offer eco friendly bamboo products for your home, bathroom, kitchen, and personal items too. We have a strong passion for our environment and understand that it is up to us to take responsibility for our actions. Using less plastic is best on so many levels.

Bamboo Tableware

Bamboo tableware is another wonderful product brought to you by this amazing plant. Yes, it is perfect for tableware as it is antibacterial. While it is dishwasher safe, you shouldn’t put it in the microwave. Bamboo tableware will last for several years when cared for properly. However, when it has reached the end of its lifecycle it can be broken up and composted with ease. Set your table knowing that you are setting it with environmentally bamboo products. You not only can get bamboo socks and toothbrushes. But, we offer all kinds of various bamboo alternatives.  

Bamboo Plates & Bowls

When it comes to your tableware you want something that is durable and yet safe to eat from. Bamboo Plates and Bowls are a great alternative to plastic. It is all-natural and antibacterial. These properties make bamboo products a great solution for replacing another plastic product. Bamboo is a very sustainable material as the bamboo plant grows really quickly. The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo are perfect for kitchenware. We offer an amazing line up of kitchenware that you certainly need to check out.  

Bamboo Cutlery is another wonderful bamboo kitchen idea that is perfect for replacing things that don’t break down in landfills. We offer bamboo cutlery in a variety of sizes and designs.  

Bamboo products are durable when you need them to be. But, when they start to get at the end of the lifespan, they go back into Mother Earth without any issues. Bamboo products, when cared for properly, will last for many years to come. We offer a huge selection of bamboo products that are perfect for your home, office, and even the garden. 

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Did you hear about the toilet paper shortage? Well, we have you covered with bamboo toilet paper. Yes, even toilet paper can be made of bamboo. We offer “Who gives a crap” toilet paper. This toilet paper is really soft and comes in really large rolls so you will have fewer trips to our website for purchase. We offer a variety of bamboo products to choose from so take your time to look around.

Our toilet paper purchase is not only helping save the environment but 50% of the sale goes to a charity to help build toilets and facilities where they otherwise wouldn’t have them. That is keeping the environment safer for those people. It will feel good to know you save 1000s of trees from being destroyed, go to people’s bathroom facilities, and get an excellent product all at the same time!  

Are bamboo products Eco friendly?

Yes, of course, they are eco-friendly. Bamboo products are not only eco-friendly, but they are also made from sustainable materials and break down in landfills. Reusable Bamboo products are naturally antibacterial which makes them a great addition to any home, office, or garden. There are a lot of uses for bamboo and we are just getting started. Bamboo products are reusable and will compost back into the ground in only a couple of years. Plastics, however, will take 100s of years to break down and many won’t even break down in our lifetime. We can’t completely avoid plastics. However, we can do our part by trying to use other materials that will compost better and offer the same or even better properties. We all need to do our part to help with the environmental issues that we are facing and move to plastic free lifestyle.

Plastic is getting into our waterways and harming our sea life. It is in just about everything we use and touch. Try to supplement your common everyday plastic items with something that is more sustainable and eco-friendly such as bamboo products. Reusable Bamboo products come from a plant, which makes them all-natural. They are very sustainable as bamboo grows really fast. And, reusable bamboo puts out more oxygen than most other plants. It really is a win-win alternative to plastic products. Bamboo products will last for years if well cared for. And, when done, just break them up and add them to your compost pile. We offer a wonderful selection of bamboo products here on our website and be sure to stop back in, as we are always expanding.

Why we love Bamboo?

By now, we have made it pretty clear on how bamboo is a great solution for many plastic products that we typically have in our home. Toothbrushes, for example, are something that we have to purchase four times a year. That is four times the waste going into the landfills and the plastic versions are not breaking down for 100s of years. This can really pile up and fast. Think about all the take out coffee cups you have purchased over the years. Those are piling up as well. However, with a refillable and reusable bamboo cup, you are saving all that unnecessary waste. Not only are you saving at that end but you are promoting the growth of this wonderful plant that is cleaning the air and producing oxygen.  

You owe it to the planet. We have been a plastic consuming world for too long. It is time to be responsible and do our part. It doesn’t take a lot to take action. The next time you need to replace your toothbrush, replace it with a bamboo one. Take the time to slowly introduce bamboo to your home. We offer lots of bamboo things. Our bamboo products make wonderful gifts as well. Do what is right for the planet and protect our environment with bamboo products.  

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial. This means that it is perfect for making kitchenware or things for the bathroom. It does need to be completely dried or it will mould, unlike glass or metal. By taking the time to care for your bamboo products you will see them take care of you. They will last a really long time and when you are done with them, simply break them up and throw them into compost. It is that simple.