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Eco friendly Products for All Your Household and Personal Needs

With eco friendly alternatives to many of the most commonly used household, kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, baby, health and beauty products, we have lots of environment friendly and eco-conscious products for you plastic-free, zero waste, sustainable, vegan, organic, natural, recycled, reusable, disposable, biodegradable, and ethical needs.

If you’re looking for eco friendly products and eco-friendly gifts in the UK that are good for the environment and your conscious, all of the eco-friendly brands, companies, and products we carry in our store pledge to have a minimal impact on the environment, people and wildlife in all areas of their business.

Whether you want to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint or trying to be more zero waste aware or you’re just looking to be more environmentally friendly in your everyday choices, these eco-friendly products  make great gifts for your earth-conscious friends, family, and co-workers too.

Our chemical-free cleaning products can help you keep your bathroom, kitchen, and household bright, shiny, and clean all year long without being harmful to your family’s health and many of our environmentally friendly products can be reused again and again.  Except for our recycled toilet paper.  While we have many reusable products, 

We have eco-friendly skincare products, from soaps and sunscreens to shaving razors and water bottles and wipes to keep your skin looking beautiful while you help save the planet and many earth-conscious washing up liquids, toilet cleaners, fabric conditioners, laundry detergents, eco-friendly shampoo bars and more to make your home more eco-friendly. 

Among the many environmentally friendly products and gifts we have available in stock, we carry a vast selection of vegan, organic and natural, plastic-free, zero waste, cruelty-free, sustainable and fair trade items for sale to cover all of your everyday household needs.

Eco Friendly Products for Vegans

100% free from animal involvement, many of our vegan-friendly eco-friendly products have no animal products, by-products or derivatives involved in their development, testing, ingredients, or manufacturer.  

Environmentally Friendly Products Made Organic and Natural

Using production, manufacturing and agricultural methods with fewer pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to assist plant growth, as well as to protect and encourage wildlife habitats, many of our eco-friendly products are organic and natural, like our natural soaps.

Plastic-Free Products That Are Good for the Environment

Whether you’re looking for a single use plastic-free alternative to popular everyday items or want to move one step closer to a zero waste lifestyle, we have lots of plastic-free products like these bamboo products (like a Bamboo Toothbrush), stainless steel and many other materials that won’t end up in the water supply contaminating our marine life or making their way into our food supply.

Environmentally Friendly Products That Produce Zero Waste 

If you’re looking to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible, we carry a number of zero-waste products that are reusable (a water bottle or bamboo coffee cups) to reduce single use, made from recycled materials, or 100% biodegradable so you don’t have to worry that your lifestyle habits and choices will end up in a landfill for the next couple of centuries.

No matter which ethical concerns you might have, you can make any room of your house more eco-friendly thanks to the wide range of earth-friendly products we have available to cover all of your everyday living needs.

Eco-friendly Household Cleaning Products

As many of today’s most popular household cleaning products are filled with harmful chemicals, the non-toxic, chemical-free eco-friendly cleaning products we offer can help you save the environment, the health of your family, and keep your house fresh and clean without having to break the bank while doing the right thing.

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Make Your Kitchen More Eco-friendly

If you’re looking for eco-friendly kitchen products that are recyclable, reusable, plastic-free, or biodegradable, we’ve got hundreds of earth-friendly products to help you shop for groceries, cook your favourite meal, put it a bamboo lunch box and clean up afterwards with dish washing block.

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Eco-friendly Health & Beauty Products

From the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you finally rest your head at night, we have many different earth-friendly products for your hair, face, nails, teeth, or any other part of your daily personal care routine including eco-friendly soap and eco-friendly shampoo.

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Eco-friendly Products for Your Baby

Give your baby the gift of an eco-friendly life with our environmentally friendly baby products that are disposable, biodegradable, reusable, and ethically conscious.  From organic and natural baby skincare products to reusable baby nappies for newborns and toddlers, we’ve got everything you need from unique baby shower gifts to your everyday baby needs covered.

Even if you’re not looking for yourself and want to find the best ecofriendly gifts and products for a corporate gift, your next holiday gift, or that earth friendly guy or girl in your life, our wide range of environmentally friendly and ethical products have all of your gift-giving needs covered too.

Whether you want to protect the environment and practice sustainable living for yourself or someone you hope to find the perfect eco friendly gift for, we have hundreds of environmentally friendly products from many of the most well-known eco friendly brands and companies in stock and on sale for you today like this Stainless Steel Water Bottle with a Bamboo Lid.