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Free Money from ‘Tree-Free’

All About Tree-Free

We love Tree-Free products and have only recently introduced them into our product range so we are very excited!  Tree-Free was founded in 1999 with the aim of becoming the most environmentally friendly greetings card producer in the US.  Since then the company has expanded its range to include a variety of personal and home products that are eco-friendly, and produced using 100% solar energy!  Thats a pretty sustainable production method in our opinion.

Why Are They So Great?

The products are pretty awesome and they have both inspirational and funky designs for us to choose from. But the real reason we love ‘Tree Free’ so much is because of their eco-friendly approach.  They are constantly experimenting with new ways of reducing the impact that their products and production methods have on the environment.  And they are spreading the message of sustainability far and wide!

What Difference Does It Make?

By using 100% recycled paper (post-consumer), Tree Free reportedly save over 2,400 trees, more than 1m gallons of water and over 200k pounds of greenhouse gasses a year!  How amazing is that?

How To Qualify for Your Discount?

Simply purchase 2 Tree-Free products featured on our website and we will give you a £5 voucher* to spend on ANY product in the QBamboo Store.  We know it’s not much, but a little bit of free money never did anyone any harm.

*Terms and conditions apply.  Click here to view.