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Plastic-Free July – What Can You Do At School or Work?


Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness:  

Have your work colleagues or school friends even heard of #PlasticFreeJuly? Here’s how you can raise awareness.

#Plasticfreejuly2019-join-the-challenge stamp hi res Engage your Co-workers – Often your co-workers or school friends will be unaware of the campaign. Talk to them about the pledges you have made and share your experience.  Encourage them to make just a simple change to their lifestyle.  It’s surprising how small changes can have a much larger cumulative effect!

#Plasticfreejuly2019-join-the-challenge stamp hi res Hold an Event – Raise awareness through presentations, posters, events … whatever takes your fancy!  Use the opportunity to showcase plastic-free alternatives to show how affordable and effective they can be.   

#Plasticfreejuly2019-join-the-challenge stamp hi res Run a Competition –  It’s amazing how competitive we are when we get going! Hold a raffle to win some plastic-free products or present awards for the most innovative #plasticfreejuly pledge! Raise awareness through the companies website and social media to generate support.


Revamp the Office: 

Do people recognise just how much single-use plastic they use in a week?  

#Plasticfreejuly2019-join-the-challenge stamp hi res Conduct a bin audit! Take a look at the waste you create and share the results.  Often we don’t even realise just how much plastic we use.  For each item have a think about how you could stop using it and replace it with a reusable or plastic-free alternative.

#Plasticfreejuly2019-join-the-challenge stamp hi res Revolutionise the kitchen. What a great place to start when it comes to ditching the plastic! Kit your office kitchen or tea room out with alternatives to plastic.  You’ll be surprised just how much plastic you will find in there.  Anything from plastic cutlery to bin bags. Even teabags can be a plastic culprit! Encourage your workmates to pitch in to help with the cost.  Whilst your at it … why not take away a few other harmful items such as dish sponges and kitchen rolls to replace with recycled and plastic-free options! You can even pop a compost bin in there (plastic-free of course)!


Check the Bin!

Buying Solutions

Workplace Procurement: 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few years, you’re probably already aware of the evils of plastic bags, straws and bottles. If you haven’t already made the move then make a start with these three easy throw-aways!

#Plasticfreejuly2019-join-the-challenge stamp hi res Change Purchasing Habits – this can be a bit more challenging but it is definitely worth the effort if you want to make a sustainable change! Speak to the people responsible for buying products for your school or office. Talk to them about the single-use plastics purchased and talk to them about appropriate alternatives. If the replacement items are more expensive then this may be because the quality is better or that they are reusable.  Ask the purchasers to conduct a trial of a few items to monitor spend. They will be surprised how cost effective these options can be!