Ecover Toilet Cleaner – Concentrated


Everybody loves cleaning the toilet right? Err… you don’t need to answer that! But now you can at least distract yourself with thoughts of our wonderful planet whilst you scrub the bowl! Our eco-friendly toilet cleaner has a multi-action decalcifying agent to help keep the most popular room run your house clean and smelling fresh!

It doesn’t take a scientist to know that regular toilet cleaners are full of chemicals and additives that are not exactly friendly to our environment. But our eco-friendly toilet cleaner is made from plant-based materials with NO petrochemicals and NO testing on animals.

Save money and save on the planets precious resources by buying in bulk!  This large 5 litre bottle will last you for flipping ages!  And save you a few extra trips to the supermarket.


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  • – Suitable for septic tanks
  • – Not tested on animals
  • – No unnecessary chemicals
  • – Fully biodegradable


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