Organic Wool Duvet – All Year


This medium-weight duvet is ideal for use throughout the year. Wool is an excellent temperature regulator, providing a healthy micro-climate to rest in. Approx 9 – 11 togs.

Presented in a ‘mummy-style’ (wider at the top and narrowing at the feet) which gives the duvet more drape so it can better ‘envelop’ the sleeper and keep out draughts.




  • Approximate rating as 9-11 togs
  • Approximately 470 gsm
  • Please note that the quilting design may vary.
  • Sizes: Single – 135 x 200 cm (53″ x 79″). Double – 200 x 200 cm (79″ x 79″). King – 225 x 220 cm (86″ x 86″). Super king – 260 x 220 cm (102″x 86″)
  • Please note that duvets are cut generously as there will be an initial shrinkage after the first few weeks of use. Duvets made with animal hairs have the natural capacity to regenerate themselves – air them frequently and expose them to sunlight when possible. Stains should be spot-cleaned. Do this gently by hand and direct a handheld shower onto the area to be cleaned. Make sure the duvet is dried thoroughly and flat.

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