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Sustainable Cards by ‘1 Tree Cards’


The cards are printed on 100% recycled materials using plant-based inks. To avoid chemical bleaching (which we believe cancels out the benefits of using recycled paper), we have opted for card that is not bright white. All of our cards are also 100% recyclable. The envelopes are 100% recycled kraft envelopes and are also completely recyclable. Not to mention ... this range is completely plastic-free!

Tree Planting

A tree is planted for EVERY card sold. That's right ... so if you buy 10 cards, 10 trees are planted! Trees are planted in an area of mass deforestation through the Eden Reforestation Projects. When the recipient opens their cards they are greeted by a seed token which says 'a tree has been planted for you’. Sharing the love and spreading the message!

Save the Bees

Our Bee populations are steadily falling and this is having a devastating effect on the planet. This range of cards from '1 Tree Cards' not only raises awareness of the 'Bee crisis' they also make it easy to actually do something to help. Each card contains a plantable seed token containing a mix of flowers that bees love! Just pop it in a plant pot, window box or garden and provide a much-needed haven for our beautiful bees!

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