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Vegan-Friendly Shampoo for All Hair Types & Scalp Conditions

Made without the use of animal fats and completely cruelty-free, our vegan-friendly shampoo, shampoo bars, and 2in1 shampoo and conditioners contain some of the most ethically sourced ingredients and are manufactured using environmentally sustainable practices and methods.

If you’re looking for a vegan shampoo that is sulphate free, paraben free or made without other harmful ingredients, we have a complete range of vegan-friendly choices you can choose from that won’t hurt your conscious, the planet, or your hair.

Whether you have dry hair, colour treated hair, or want a vegan friendly shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis, we have lots of vegan and organic shampoos for anti-dandruff, itchy scalp, and everything in between.

Check out the wide range of vegan shampoo products we have available that are filled with organic, all-natural ingredients and ready to be shipped to you within days of your order.

Shampoo & Conditioner Made for Vegans

If you want to save time in the shower or bath and still be mindful of your impact on the environment, we carry a range of vegan-friendly shampoo and conditioner 2in1 products that won’t just keep your hair fresh and clean but have a minimal impact on the planet too.

Vegan-Friendly Shampoo Bars

As you moisturize and hydrate your hair using the raw, vegan shampoo products we have in stock, our vegan shampoo bars offer one of the best ways to save the planet, stop harmful chemicals from getting into your hair or the oceans and live a plastic-free, zero-waste life.

Vegan Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair

Ready to be shipped to your door and available in a wide range of scents using essential oils to bring your hair back to life, our full inventory of vegan-friendly shampoo for dry and damaged hair and scalp offers some of the best eco-friendly ingredients and protection for your hair.

Vegan Shampoo for All Hair Colours

Whether you have colour-treated hair you want to wash and rinse gently to keep your hair colour shiny and bright or you have naturally blonde or grey hair you want to stay true to your roots, we carry lots of different vegan-friendly shampoo products that are good for brown hair, red hair, black hair, purple hair or any other colour you might be so bold to try.

Anti-Dandruff Vegan Shampoo with Organic Ingredients

If you’re tried of flaky, dry hair or have an itchy scalp and want to get rid of dandruff once and for all, our vegan anti-dandruff shampoo products are filled with organic, all-natural and eco-friendly ingredients, not tested on animals, and packaged with sustainability in mind.

Vegan Shampoo to Heal Eczema, Scalp Psoriasis & Seborrheic Dermatitis

Even if you’re suffering with some of the worst hair conditions like eczema, scalp psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, they’re still not a match for the vegan shampoo products we have that won’t damage your hair or the animal, marine and plant life on this planet. 

No matter which ethical concerns you might have, you can still keep your hair smooth, bright, and clean while still doing your best to save the planet thanks to the wide range of vegan and eco-friendly shampoos we have in stock and available to ship directly to you.

Not shopping for yourself today and want to find a special gift for that special someone in your life who cares about the environment?

We have some of the best organic shampoo products you can give for a corporate gift, birthday, or just to say thanks and appreciate them.

Not sure which one to pick?  Check out our eco-friendly shampoo gift giving guide and a full list of all the best eco-friendly shampoo products we recommend to see which earth-conscious choices we pick to give as a gift for yourself or anyone you’re looking to gift give for.